Sleep Apnea Treatment – Your alternatives

Sleep Apnea Treatment – Your choices

Often, the first treatment option your doctor will recommend is a series of interconnected lifestyle changes. Of course, you can start anyplace you are at present but also for Torontonians, the city’s clean environment is conducive to these lifestyle changes.

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You’ll be recommended to adapt these healthy habits:

Practice weight management, even lose weight when needed. Studies have found that slimming down to maintain an ideal height-to-weight ratio reduces instances of apnea.

Maintain a regular sleeping time. Actually need it a clockwork habit since it helps your body adapt to normal sleeping patterns.

Sleep on your side. This is because sleeping flat face up worsens heartburn, which can be yet another symptom of snore.

Abstain from alcohol consumption and also have your doctor check over your medicines that could cause worsening symptoms. The most effective sleep apnea treatment, Toronto doctors will agree, should be stopping your bedtime practice of taking sleeping pills and sedatives.

Stop smoking immediately. The chemicals within cigarettes prevent the airways from opening properly and therefore, will worsen sleep apnea.
If lifestyle changes and medical measures still fail to work as effectively as you would want in a snore treatment, Toronto doctors may have recourse for surgical operations. There are lots of but you need not worry since you will not be made to undergo every surgery inside the books.

To name a few, there is certainly uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (quite a mouthful to state), which remains one of the most common surgical treatments for snore; tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy (there it is again) to removes tonsils and adenoids; and other surgical procedures to removes navicular bone.

sleep Apnoea doctor Perth